Vershina Seligera Русский

In Summer and Autumn

  • Ship cruises on Seliger
  • Visiting ancient Russian shrines - head of Volga and Nilova Pustyn monastery
  • Motor-boating
  • Catamaran and boat promenades
  • Foot journeys to the forest for mushrooms and berries, picnics
  • Horse riding
  • Foot journeys to the Ignach cross
  • Helicopter flights over Seliger
  • Open-air art lessons

In Winter

  • Snowmobile safari on Seliger
  • Ski tracks in the forest and rink on the lake
  • Hills for sledges and ice-canoes
  • Ice fishery
  • Country style festivals - New Year, Christmas, Epiphany and Pancake Week

In Spring

  • May holidays at Seliger
  • Lilac day

All the year round

  • Russian cuisine, country products, pickled products, marmalades, fruit liqueurs of own production
  • Real Russian bath burned on wood with flag brooms, tea and round cracknels
  • Massage
  • Curing dips into Okovets holy spring
  • Hammocks in the piny wood on the high bank of Seliger
  • Hunting (in the season)
  • Excursions to the places where Pushkin wrote his poem "Frost and sun make a wondrous day...", Savrasov painted "The return of rooks" and Shishkin painted his "Morning in the pine forest"
  • Rest on Seliger at the weekend
  • Corporative rest and seminars

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